PC Features

Live Photo Capture

It can basically give you picture that user has currently access anything in his/her pc.

Live Audio Listening

Keylogger feature helps you to monitor your children from anywhere. Ensure that your children are safe by viewing exactly what they are typing into chat apps like WhatsApp and facebook, which URL they are entering into mobile browsers and capture exact keywords which they type on search engines.

Live Screen Capturing

Our dashboard will allow you to view each and every image phone camera has captured. Many users use SPY as their image storage.

Live Video Capturing

Streaming Live video capture on anywhere from target user. You can see live what your target currenly viewing on their pc.

Website history

This software is helpful to target web history.

Live Audio + Video Capturing

This software will send all recorded data to your secure online accounts. It also provides a key feature, to monitor target’s activities from anywhere via internet connected computer or any android or IOS handset device.

LOCK/Unlock/Restart PC

This software provides LOCK/Unlock/Restart PC features.


We gives you facility to schedule photo or audio capture. Schedule pre-planned surrounding audio or photo capture. Scheduler start capturing audio or photo for given time, if internet connectivity is not available for that time and upload that data when device connected with internet.


PC Spy Software allows you to track Facebook.

All Drive Acess

Along with audio, you can take photo, location and many more features. If your phone is stolen by someone, by accessing play ring your phone will start ringing loudly. Even you can not stop the ring until you unlock phone.


All Stored Photo on the target pc can view.


View Save text or clipboard or last copy text.


Keystorkes will be captured from target pc.

Website Blocking

Block Website if you do not want to acess to target pc.


Do you know which application is most used in your phone? list all installed applications on phone.

Application List

dentify which application and programs then target phone can most access. Block unappropriate application from portal.

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