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Convants Information Security pvt ltd is located in Surat, Gujarat. It is a fast growing company which offers Spy-Phone software solutions for both employee and child monitoring. CONVANTS launches two different Spy-Phone softwares which are: EasySpyPhone software and GoSpy software. EasySpyPhone software is developed for child monitoring while Gospy software is developed for employee monitoring.

CONVANTS is one of the best software companies which provide Spy-Phone software for employee or kids monitoring. At here, our goal is to focus on improving business results through technology and provide solutions transparently. We always help clients find ways to succeed in today’s fast growing business world.

Why Choose Us?

Convants Information Security pvt ltd has successful products and over 7000+ customers and 27 partners have helped us grow in this challenging world. The committed team of CONVANTS is working relentlessly to make users’ experience worthwhile.

We believe in providing satisfactory results to our clients. We have always been operating transparently, in order to keep healthy relationships with clients. Our vision is to deliver the highest degree of content to the clients and hence, be among the best companies in the world.

Our Team

CONVANTS always believe in up-gradation of their staff with perfect knowledge so they can deliver support in a proper way. We have very talented and passionate team who yearns to provide you with the best support. We have a successful leader, who can spur his or her team members to work well together toward a common vision and goals.

The team experts are always motivated and always focus on fulfilling the necessities of the company's principals. Client satisfaction is our topmost priority because we do not believe in just making profits, but rather believe in customer excellence. We have always been one step ahead, making plans for the future with the help of the latest features

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